Grimm Reapers


Michael E. Berg

Available May 23, 2017

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In 18th-century Germany, mythological beasts still roam the Black Forest. Werewolves, giants, trolls, and other fantastical monsters hide in the shadows or in faraway places, posing a danger to anyone who crosses their paths.

As children, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm witnessed a werewolf murder their father. Never forgetting this heinous act, the brothers are determined to hunt down and destroy all mythical creatures. When the opportunity arises to travel the countryside posing as fairy-tale collectors, they jump at the chance to enact their revenge.

Little do they know the personal losses their quest may cost them, or the magnitude of the danger that lies ahead of them, including a confrontation with the powerful witch, Baba Yaga. Like many of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales, the ending may not be a happy one….

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5.83 x 8.27


Michael E. Berg






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