Michael E. Berg

Available May 23, 2017

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Three teenage boys decide to break into an abandoned, haunted mansion and come face-to-face with a demonic apparition. Terrified, they run as far as they can, as fast as they can.

Years have passed. As adults, two of the friends, Frank and Chris have embraced this formative experience. They spend their nights investigating disturbances for public access TV as an amateur ghost hunting team called “Spooked.” The third friend, Liam, does everything he can to forget what had happened and denies that anything happened at all.

When The Reality Channel arrives to scout for the next big special interest show, Frank & Chris must compete against their now arch-rival, Liam, who will stop at nothing to make sure Spooked does not receive the coveted cable spot. Frank’s spunky would-be girlfriend, Brooke, decides to help the group find a haunting that will impress the cable network. Unknowingly, she leads them to a familiar, ancient evil which has started making mischief in her father’s Victorian mansion….

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Michael E. Berg






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